Tip #1: Preparation is Key

Start a skincare regime 3-6 months before your wedding day to get your skin in tip-top shape. Having a good base for your makeup artist to work with will give you the best chance of having a flawless finish. Get to know your skin and find out what type of makeup works best for you. Having prior knowledge of your own skin type will mean less room for error and hopefully no unexpected allergic reactions to products.  


Tip #2: Timing is Everything

The best time to book in your bridal makeup trial is about 2-3 months before your wedding day. This timeframe gives a good representation of how your skin will be on the day. If you book your trial months ahead, your skin tone and condition may change and you might have to book in another trial closer to the date. If you are planning on using fake or spray tan, make sure you have a trial with the tan applied so your makeup artist can colour match.


Tip #3: Research and Vision

It is important to know what kind of style and look you wanton your wedding day to avoid any confusion. Bring along a mood board or photos of your dress, venue, colours and any style inspiration. Being realistic is the key here and it’s best to find images of people that have similar features as you. It is also good to note what you don’t want so your makeup artist has a clear vision of delivering the results you are after.


Tip #4: Clothes Matter

Even though a makeup trial may seem quite casual, it is important to wear a top or outfit that is a similar colour to your dress.  If your dress is white, wearing a black t-shirt to the trial will make it difficult to judge how the makeup will look on the day. It’s always the little details that make a big difference.


Tip #5: Think about the Tresses

For the day of the makeup trial, try to style your hair in a similar manner to how it will be on the wedding day. Remember you want to ensure the details are as close as possible to get the best look and colours.If you haven’t thought of how you want your hair yet, ask your makeup artist to take a few shots of your completed makeup with your hair in different styles i.e. sleeked back in a bun, left naturally or tied to the side.

Have fun at your makeup trial and remember your makeup artist is there to help you take the stress off preparation on your wedding day! Trust in their abilities but also know what you want to ensure you'll look and feel comfortable on the day.

Perth Makeup Artist | Faces by Yvonne | Wedding Makeup Trial
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