Having just gone through another Perth heatwave of several consecutive 41 degree Celsius days, it reminded me to keep my skin clean, protected and refreshed. During the summer months, I like to keep my makeup to a minimum whilst applying these 7 tasks to my skincare routine.

1. Drink lots and lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.

This is perhaps the most simple yet most overlooked tip. Staying hydrated keeps you refreshed both inside and out. Drinking plenty of water, especially in areas of high humidity, can purify your body of nasty toxins and bacteria that can build up and show up on your face.

2. Cleanse your face in the morning AND evening.

In the hot summer months, the humidity in the air will cause your skin to sweat more. If you have oily skin, this is super important as your skin oils can clog pores and cause blemishes and bad breakouts. Regular twice-daily cleansing can help prevent build-up of dirt and residue. A twice-a-day cleansing routine will ensure you're covered around the clock. If you are short on time, then it is better to miss out on the morning cleanse rather than the evening. You'll want to wash your face at night to get rid of the awful pollutants that may have stuck onto your face during the day.

3. Get rid of any extra dirt and residue with a toner.

Once you've cleansed your face, ensure all the nasties are gone by dabbing some toner onto a cotton pad and wiping all over your face. The toner will absorb all the leftover oils, dirt and makeup, while balancing the pH levels of your skin. Toner is great for cleansing and closing pores so that they are less likely to be clogged up.

4. Use a light face moisturiser with SPF 50+.

Swap your thick winter moisturisers for a light and natural moisturiser when it comes to summer. I recommend using a moisturiser that has SPF 50+ for the daytime, as the last thing you want is damaged skin from the strong sun. Also keep in mind that your skin will be sweating throughout the day from the heat and humidity, so using less moisturiser will keep your skin hydrated without causing your pores to clog from too much moisturiser.

5. Exfoliate your skin with your fave exfoliator.

So many great reasons to exfoliate your face! As written in Byrdie, the benefits of exfoliating include: it unclogs pores, prevents acne, it smooths your skin and gets rid of any dead or dry skin, evens out your skin tone, it boosts circulation and increases stimulation of lymphatic drainage, increases cell turnover and stimulates collagen synthesis. You won't need to exfoliate everyday, perhaps once or twice a week or according to your skin type. The product labels should give you some directions and descriptions.

6. Don't forget to include a hydrating mask session each week!

Who doesn't love a good evening chilling at home with a cooling face mask? This works a treat especially in hot locations such as Perth. Not only will your skin get nourished, it'll also be rid of all the dirt and residue that's been sitting on your face. There are masks for all occasions, so my advice is to keep a variety at home for different purposes.

7. Hydrating face mists are your BFFs in summer.

This is my absolute go-to in summer! Keep a bottle of face mist in your bag and you're good to go. It hydrates, cools, illuminates, refreshes and brightens your face in one quick spritz. There are face mists for every occasion, so have a look around and find a fave - you won't look back!