Airbrushing is an alternative method of applying coverage makeup that involves makeup being applied in fine mists with a spray gun instead of traditional methods like sponges and brushes. The result is a smooth and natural finish that doesn’t look caked on.

There are many positive benefits of using airbrush makeup on your wedding day. Here are three of the main pros:

1. Airbrush makeup is long lasting and waterproof

Let’s face it - your wedding day is going to be long and busy from morning to night. It will be full of emotions and involve a lot of tears, hugging and possibly sweat (as gross as that sounds). Airbrush makeup is silicone based so it lasts longer and won’t transfer onto clothing. It’s also waterproof and once applied it stays put until you wash it off.

2. Airbrush makeup gives you a flawless look

The fine mists of colour blend naturally with your skin tone to give it that smooth complexion. Unlike traditional foundation that can look heavy and dense, airbrushed faces will always look lighter and more uniformed. This is particularly handy for all the photos ops you will have on your big day, as your skin will be photo-ready the whole day.

3. Airbrushing is quicker to apply than traditional makeup

Whilst you can still get a flawless finish using the traditional methods of brushes and sponges, it requires more time to get the blending right. Traditional makeup such as liquid foundations, creams and pressed powders are very versatile but can also be very messy to take off after a long day. If you’ve got a sizeable bride tribe that all require makeup applications, airbrushing is a fantastic way to expedite the process.

Is airbrushing for everyone?

Overall, airbrushing can work on almost any skin type, however there are some exceptions. Certain skin types may not have the suitable properties for airbrushing and won’t get the desired results. If you have sensitive skin, there are some great hypoallergenic airbrush foundations that are lightweight, oil-free, paraben-free and non-comedogenic that can be used.

Book in an airbrush trial with Faces by Yvonne

If you are considering using airbrush makeup for your wedding or event, feel free to contact us to book in a makeup trial. Yvonne will assess your skin type and let you know what makeup works best for your skin. You can send an enquiry to or submit a booking through our contact form here.

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